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Ten Times Table

16 - 20 March 2004

What the critics say:

I don't think this is one of Ayckbourn's best but if you have ever served on or attended one of England's greatest traditions, a committee meeting, then you know this story well. David Sheridan always turns in a good performance, and the part of the chairman fitted him like a glove.


I have always admired Richard Pilborough and his pedantic and boring little secretary was as usual a wonderful little characterisation.
If Alan Ayckbourn had known that Marian Baldwin was going to play the hard-of-hearing, just-ever-so-slightly-infirm Audrey Evans he would have given the character more lines. What Marian managed to do with what she had was a lesson to all of us.


Tony O'Leary gave a lovely performance as the lush Adamson, his inebriation was absolutely convincing. Had he been over the pub? As Tim-pistol-under-his-pillow Barton - David Armour-Chelu could have been just back from Iraq. Very frightening. Good set, lighting and film sequence. Also - excellent programme design.

Andrea Sloman as the Thatcherite committee member, seeing Trots behind the skirting, gave a powerful portrayal and Jean Andre (Red Eric) was suitably provocative. Caroline Dunk (Sophie) and Stephanie Dawson (Phillipa) were infuriatingly slavelike helpers to Eric.

from John Munson Show Time, The Downs Mail