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18 - 22 March 2003

What the critics say:

"The Willington Players can draw on a strong team. With Francis Durbridge's 'A Touch of Danger' they fielded a first 11. The play was slightly old fashioned but the group brought it up to date with an excellent set. The opening scene was well handled by Trudi Duff (playing the secretary Liz Ferber) and Catherine Kenny doing what she does so well, as the neurotic, edgy wife.

David Bicker's entry as Max, the writer already reported dead was well handled and his scene with stage wife Harriet was very well done.

Joe Bailey (as the mysterious Vincent Crane) and Mandy Allibone (as the equally mysterious agent Laura Mitchell) both were wonderfully sinister and they died, violently, most convincingly.

Mandy is a versatile member and this character and her slight American accent displayed her versatility beautifully.

Another strong member is David Sheridan, who was an even more mysterious agent - Graham Digby. David was so laid back, so relaxed and in control, anyone would have felt safe in his hands.

David Armour-Chelu as the shify-eyed, womanising terrorist, exposed in the last act, was suitably an outsider.

Kirstin Tozer who was memorable in 'The Darling Buds of May' also made her small part very convincing and Stephanie Dawson (as Rose) was the perfect 'Saturday girl'.

The only criticism is on the first night it could have been a little faster, with more variation in volume and speed of different scenes.

But it was an entertaining, enjoyable evening and the group, including the team backstage, deserve congratulations."

from John Munson Show Time, The Downs Mail