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They Don't Grow On Trees

A Comedy by Ronald Millar
19 - 23 October 2004

What the critics say:


‘They Don’t Grow on Trees’ was set in a difficult age to portray - the 50s or 60s. The set was probably accurate - it had that awful lack of style. The good thing was it gave lots of players a chance to appear. Some of the team showed up very well.

David Bicker, the director, had doubled up and best performances came from the stalwarts.

Trudi Duff acted her heart out as Jessie and as Miss Minter. Jeanette Carlton was fearsome as Mrs Van Boven. Caroline Dunk gave us a very no-nonsense Dellarosa Paravici. Roger Still brought back memories of ‘Round The Horn’, with his not quite politically-correct Rupert Anstruther.


In the last five minutes Debi Daw appeared as Mrs Zuckmeyer. She was brilliant, scored a hat trick but too late in the game. Cameos were great but I don't think the plays of Ronald Millar will be fashionable again.


(Extracts from John Munson Showtime, The Downs Mail, Nov 2004)