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The Shop at Sly Corner
Edward Percy

Tuesday 24th to Saturday 28th April 2012

This famous thriller by Edward Percy opened in 1945 at the St. Martin’s Theatre in London (where Agatha Christie’s long-lived hit The Mousetrap now resides) and ran for over 800 performances. However, unlike The Mousetrap and other similar whodunits, one of Percy’s best plays offers a rather more subtle form of thriller.

Descius Heiss is a French expatriate who runs a shrewd business in an antiques shop in south London. His chief aim is to provide happiness and security for his gifted daughter Margaret, who has been brought up in complete ignorance of her father’s involvement in a black market of buying and selling stolen jewels. His even more sinister past is discovered by his shop assistant who begins to blackmail Descius. How will he deal with the pressure of blackmail and with the fear that his daughter may discover the truth? Percy keeps us guessing right to the end!