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Relatively Speaking
By Alan Ayckbourn

10th to 14th November 2009

Written in 1967, Alan Ayckbourn's play is starting to show its age, but the Willington Players gave it a new lease of life at the Hazlitt. Richard Pilborough directed and had the usual enthusiastic support of an excellent backstage team. The Home Counties set was brilliant with a wide range of potted plants displayed in a fashion that would not have been rejected by the Chelsea Flower Show.

Philip Hemmings played Greg with just the right amount of almost unbelievable innocence - the sort of young man beloved by mothers everywhere. Penny Baines as Ginny, on the other hand, had her own dodgy, attractive allure. Poor young Greg didn't stand a chance against such a scheming hussy. Catherine Kenny, referred to in the programme as a veteran, certainly has the skill of one. She made Sheila, the deceived wife, such a cheerful little homebody with her alfresco entertaining and her pretty frocks out on the patio, but when the penny dropped about her husband's shenanigans, we almost heard it click. Lastly, David Armour-Chelu as the pathetic, adulterous husband (one of Ayckbourn's stock characters), rounded off beautifully this very well-matched cast. His shorts cheered us all up. Only joking, David. The Willington Players have given us yet another jolly evening, and they helped charity as well. Congratulations.

Extract from The Downsmail by John Munson