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Laying The Ghost by Simon Williams
9 -13 April 2002


"Laying the Ghost was not a great play to choose for such a talented Willington Players cast. The performance really took off when the leading man, David Sheridan (Leo Buchanan), died at the end of act one.

He returned as a ghost in a white suit and it was then that the laughter came thick and fast. David gave a superb example of timing in comedy; he made it look so easy....

... From her first high-speed, high-class entrance Mandy Allibone (as Lady Judy) gave one of the best performances I have seen and she has always been good.

Edwina Bicker, as the first wronged wife Margot, delivered her cynical, world-weary character beautifully....

... Penny Baines looked lovely and very up-to-date and sounded believable as Sadie, Leo's latest bit of stuff and Jeanette Carlton as Mrs Kidd (the unflappable manager of the retirement home) gave an excellent portrayal.  So did Andrea Sloman as the batty Freda Deacon who maintained excellent contact with 'the other side'.  

Carolyn Hawkes and Brian Payne gave sterling support as Frances and Superman.  Director Roger Still has done a magnificent job."

Extract from The Downs Mail by John Munson