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Fairway To Heaven

by Diana Raffle

Premiered at the Hazlitt Theatre November 2005

What the critics said:

Another farcical romp written by local playwright Diana Raffle, the Willington Players' 'Fairway to Heaven' packed the Hazlitt. That popularity was deserved . The whole play raced along from one absurd situation to another in the finest tradition of those Carry On films. Quite splendid lavatorial double entendres came fast and furious and what Richard Pilborough managed to do with two grapefruits cannot be mentioned.

Trudi Duff took on the role of Cheryl at short notice - one would never have guessed. She played one of the few almost normal characters with confidence and flair. Joe Bailey, as her husband Trevor, who was terrified of losing her even if it meant dressing as a vicar and burgling his own house, was his usual well-timed comic self. As Bob, Richard Pilborough, always excellent even without fishnet tights and a blonde wig, made a perfect mate for Trevor. The pair squeezing two heads into one pair of tights as burglars had to be seen to be believed. Edwina Bicker as Lady Jemima, staggering most convincingly waving a gin bottle and saying 'I only drink clear liquids', gained instant sympathy.

Debi Daw as Maria was every farce's typical italian! Who could have done it better? Andrea Sloman and David Armour-Chelu were deadly as murder mystery corpses. Alison Cox as a dopey gardener and a stripogram policewoman made a brilliant debut. Brian Payne and Stephanie Dawson were real burglars. Diana directed, assisted by a terrific back stage team. We need more plays to pack the Hazlitt.

(Extracts from John Munson Show Time, The Downs Mail, Nov 2005)