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Cards On The Table
a thriller by
Agatha Christie
adapted for the stage by Leslie Darbon

Mr Shaitana, a wealthy collector of snuff boxes and other objets d’art, invites Superintendent Battle of Scotland Yard and crime novelist Ariadne Oliver, to a dinner party to view his special collection. As all the guests play bridge after dinner, Shaitana is daringly murdered by someone at the party. Battle sets out to solve the crime, aided of course, by the eager Mrs Oliver, who begins with psychological deductions from the bridge score cards. After many red herrings, skeletons in the cupboard and two more deaths, Battle lays his cards on the table.


Extract from the Downs Mail by John Munson:-

Everything the actors did was first class. Scott Raffle was great in the huge part of the inspector, and was convincingly tenacious in his questioning of this suspicious lot. Andrea Sloman, as Mrs Oliver, was very Agatha-ish, while David Bicker gave us a lovely cameo role as the first victim.

Matt Dallas was the medical murderer; Eli Ward's Anne Meredith and Jan Hooper's Mrs Lorrimer both raised our suspicions. Alan Townend gave us a suspiciously well-mannered Major Despard, and no-one could get past Paul Stubley's Sergeant O'Connor when he guarded the door.

Linda Crawford, Jeanette Carlton, Katie Clarke and Tim Fleming completed a powerful cast. Set in the 30's - Christie time - the ladies' dresses and the other costumes were brilliant. A convincing set and sub-sets were expertly presented, effects and lighting were well done.

There were strong and rounded performances from everyone, and Trudi Duff directed well.


Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th April 2014