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Ten Charlies and a Chaplain
(The British Premiere)


What the critics say:

Diana Raffle's first full-length play, Ten Charlies and a Chaplain, by the Willington Players, was a highly successful and entertaining farce. This talented local writer deserves to be very pleased with the outcome of all her hard work. The audience loved it and so did I.


She had a wonderful cast. Richard Pilborough opened as George and he showed that he is one of the best comic actors we have. Catherine Kenny has that very special style - we love to see those usually in control, lose it. Catherine always looks so beautifully confused.

David Sheridan was a very lively corpse and Joe Bailey a wonderfully warm-hearted Reverend Potter. (Why the teeth?). Matthew Wright, as Quentin, overcame a truly farcical wig and Mandy Allibone conquered a 'dreadful skirt'.

Edwina Bicker as Ms Pringle (the solicitor) gave us an expert cameo. Stephanie Dawson, Penny Baines, Jenny Fairman, Brian Payne and Roger Still completed a very effective team of players. And they were a team.

from John Munson Show Time, The Downs Mail